Thursday, 1 May 2014

OK Seth I will. All about taking action after #Fasterclass

Seth Godin wrote a great blog today and a great one yesterday as well about TIME. Which I referenced at the mid point of my #fasterclass talk sponsored by Justaxi yesterday. 

The #fasterclass event was a great success and the subject of another blog. 

Here I just mention Seth's blog today (as he is virtual marketing mentor of mine) and then at the end - for those of you with TIME - I copy and paste his previous blog. 

This first blog is about "getting rich quick" (well it's a play on this meaning the opposite)  - which is about what James Welch from OVG talked about with his scientific approach to creating a buzz in a city i.e. it takes hard work but if you give more then you create success. 

To reinforce my point and his  - I am going to comment and act on all of the ideas below in reference to Justaxi, Fasterclass, and my own life in marketing. 
Enrich your world by creating value for others.
- I do with my marketing. 
Enrich your health by walking twenty minutes a day.
- I will walk home from the tram everyday rather than getting a taxi from the office (sorry justaxi.)  
Enrich your community by contributing to someone, without keeping score.
- I will do #fasterclass again - even though it was really, hard work. 
Enrich your relationships by saying what needs to be said.
- I will tell our partners what we will do better next time as a group. 
Enrich your standing by trusting someone else.
- I will trust our partners to take what I say on-board.
- I know Chris Marsh will - pictured right...  
Enrich your organization by doing more than you're asked.
- I think I do this already with Justaxi but I can do more. 
Enrich your skills by learning something new, something scary.
- It is time to learn about networking and data science. To become a bit more James. 
Enrich your productivity by rejecting false shortcuts.
- I will put in the time needed to learn deeper mobile analytics from today. 
Enrich your peace of mind by being trusted.
- OK I will take your word for it Seth - and do some more Calm time as well. 
The connection economy pays dividends in ways that the industrial one rarely did. 
Which is exactly what Chris Marsh was talking about at #Fasterclass. 
Seth's second blog is about TIME - which is what I was talking about. 
This actually means, "it wasn't important enough." It wasn't a high priority, fun, distracting, profitable or urgent enough to make it to the top of the list.
Every few days, Twitter and Facebook soak up a billion hours of 'spare' time. Where did that time come from? What did we do before social media was here? Weren't we busy five years ago?
Running out of time is mostly a euphemism, and the smart analyst realizes that it's a message about something else. Time is finite, but, unlike money, time is also replenished every second.
The solution has nothing to do with giving people more time (you can't) and everything to do with creating more urgency, more of an itch, more desire.
Which is a lovely point - nicely mixing with my talk last night for #fasterclass all about speed of marketing - and marketing for the moment. 
A big thanks to Justaxi Manchester best priced taxi app, for sponsoring last night and allowing me to speak there. 

For UKFast for being the venue with some great food. 

And all the companies involved, and especially the speakers who made the event possible - that's Sabine from Apadmi, James from OVG, Chris from UKFast and Dan (that's me) Sodergren from Great Marketing Works. 

Extra special bonus mark for Sabine who got the first blog up there with her notes from the event - all about the role of mobile 

Which is nice as we are a mobile taxi app :) 

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